Number one social kickback platform for businesses and clients based on blockchain technologies.
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how it

how it works

Sessia will automatically post the information on your completed transaction at your approved followers’ wall. On the left hand side of your wall, your followers they will see the actual product or service advertising that you just purchased and, on the right hand side will see the detailed check of your transaction. Every post can be liked, discussed, shared, recommended and even lead to the online or offline store.
Once your friend follows the published post and makes the purchase, he receives a cashback and you will receive a kickback on that purchase. The amount of kickback depends on the percentage that is selected by the business.
The table below compares our product with existing potential competitors.
Advantages for businesses
ultimate clients attraction and retention platform
opening online opportunities for offline businesses
average check growth
no need to purchase additional equipment
instant actions for certain categories of customers
free of charge
financial motivation for existing customers to attract new customers
informing customers through their own news feed in the social network
a smart line in your institution with the ability to serve VIP customers in the first place
Advantages for customers
Advantages for customers
Opportunity to make money by making standard purchases
New social network with cool features
Opportunity to recommend friends good quality products and services
Terms of sale Kicks
Stage 1: closed
16 May—27 September 2018. Limitation — $3 million
Minimum purchase 1000 kicks = 1 ETH
Bonuses provided for the purchase of Kicks in a closed round:
of the purchase amount committed among the first 10% of emitted Kicks (up to $ 300,000);
of the purchase amount committed in the second 10% ($ 300,000 - $ 600,000);
of the purchase amount committed in the third 10% ($ 600,000 - $ 900,000);
Stage 2: ICO
February—April 2019. Limitation — $50 million
Terms of sale of Kicks within the ICO will be determined later. However, discounts will be significally lower.
Every time new businesses join Sessia, the price of Kicks will go up due to their limited quantity.
1st line
2nd line
3rd line
4th line
Partner of 1st line bought
1000 kicks
You get
80 kicks (8%)